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Best CCTV Camera In Mohali

Get the best CCTV Camera in Mohali at an affordable price range. CCTV Surveillance is one of the best ways to ensure that your business and home are protected. Getting a good security system is right for everyone. With intelligent planning and deployment, Touchtec offers the promise of flawless CCTV security for you. We offer CCTV Security Cameras, Video Door Phone, Access Control System for - your residential properties

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Why Choose Touchtec?

Touchtec is a certified CCTV Camera dealer in Mohali that provides certified security solutions at a low price cost. We have a team of experts and professionals that help you to find the perfect location for the cameras. We examine your residential or commercial areas to pinpoint the vulnerable places where the installation of the security camera is a must.

We specialize in IT management products and top-notch solutions. We guarantee that our information technology solutions will quickly offer a superior return on our client’s investment.

  • Defend Your Family & loved ones with Full High Definition CCTV Systems
  • Get Crystal Clear Images
  • Benefit of Store recording for 30 days
  • Recordings compatible with your Phone/Tablet/PC

Cameras in Residence

Most of the incidents happen when you are away from your home. Your valuable possessions are vulnerable to the common threats when you are away from your house such as fire, burglary, etc. It helps out to watch your children when you are not present at your home and your kids are alone there. Thus, relying on third parties to look after your children and your most valuable possessions does not automatically give you peace of mind. Whereas CCTV cameras give you a real-time view of your family.

CCTV Cameras in School

CCTV security is the best way to prevent and identify unauthorized trespassers who entered the premises, by promoting school security. It is easier to keep track of all the activities through CCTV cameras. These camera systems help to organize exit in case of emergencies. Also, keep track of the teacher's attitude in teaching. They help in ensuring discipline and punctuality amongst students. School security measures to protect school property and identify perpetrators and vandals. Get the best security solution from the best CCTV camera dealers in Mohali.

CCTV Camera in Mohali for Business

Touchtec provides service of CCTV Camera in Mohali for business at a pocket-friendly price. It will protect your investment as well. It will help to watch your sock all the time and to trace what is missing. It helps to identify the culprit who commits any crime. Employee Productivity increases with the help of these cameras by supervision. Managers help make your employee become productive. Thus, overall these cameras are helpful to improve productivity at the workplace and resolve any conflict that occurs when you are absent from your office.

Live View with CCTV Camera in Mohali

Our camera carries the unique features status icon which helps to recognize the user whether a camera is online or not. If your camera is compatible with Pan Tilt Zoom, you can easily rotate your camera from one view to another with the help of convenient camera controls.

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