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We have a well trained and efficient support team that provides excellent service to the client’s requirements. TouchTec has software solutions to monitor the status of multi-brand, multi-location CCTV systems, to ensure they are working and fit for purpose 24/7. We deliver the best quality support to our customers and never compromises on the quality of products we supply. We offer the best surveillance camera installation in India to provide better security services to the customers.

You can approach us 24/7 for online support. To be the best quality distributor of CCTV surveillance solutions across the world, we aimed to provide high-level support services for our clients and aimed to maintain strong customer relationships.

24/7 Online Support

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Friendly, experts always on-call.

We have professional Tech Pros with advanced tools ready to help

1. Interoperability specialists

Over 10 years of experience working across brands makes us experts at getting all your devices working together. Our high tech security devices offer the best services in the Tricity.

2. Smarter, market-proven tools

Secure tools like SeeSupport and Remote Control help our Tech Pros see what you see to solve your issue fast

3. We get where you’re coming from

Our experts speak in everyday language. They are patient, tech-savvy problem solvers, who make sure every interaction is pleasant, productive, and professional.

Our Tech Pros give it to you straight services, no matter the brand or device.

Get advice, tutorials, tips and more on all your internet-connected devices.

1. Setup

Set it up correctly the first time and learn how to connect your devices to the Internet and to each other.

2. Discover

Learn about existing and new features, and how to use your devices

3. Recommend

Find the devices that are right for you based on your needs

Get support however you want it

Immediately connect with a TouchTec, schedule a callback, or try to solve it yourself knowing you have an expert backup available 24/7 for the CCTV Surveillance System, Home automation systems and many more services.