HD IP CCTV Cameras

Take all the pragmatic steps to ensure that your home and your loved ones are safe with our advanced technology-based security devices. Monitor your home from anywhere in the world with our wired and wireless indoor outdoor security camera system with night vision and motion detection. TouchTec sells cameras along with CCTV installation services as well.

Create a cost-effective, easily scalable video network monitoring system with the help of network cameras for the surveillance and security application. It helps to monitor and protect offices, factories and public spaces with various types of cameras. Safeguard your premises with fixed IP Network cameras for indoor or outdoor applications. Cover the whole scene with PTZ cameras and Speed dome camera offering up to Full HD image quality and powerful zoom.

HD IP CCTV Cameras

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You can use three types of IP cameras to secure homes, offices and other establishments.


  • Discrete and unobtrusive styling
  • Fixed position
  • Upgrade to the cutting-edge performance
  • Cost-effective system


  • Full HD picture quality with superb output
  • Compatible with existing CCTV infrastructure
  • Simple, Quick and Easy installation

Pan Tilt Zoom

  • Quickly cover the whole scene
  • Intelligent monitoring system
  • Standards compliance for easy network integration


IP security camera system that’s plugged and play are easy to use and install. CCTV Camera World’s HD IP camera systems are simple to set up and use the latest H.265 and H.264 video compression to provide clear security footage. It is easy to set up an IP camera system for your home or business with our Network Video Recorder (NVR) and PoE IP cameras. You can easily capture high-quality images and videos of the indoor and outdoor environment. It is one of the best cameras for the surveillance system.

How we Work

1. Security Planning and Layout

Our services include help with your layout and security installation plan. From network infrastructure to proper camera positioning, we can make a 3D layout that will support you with the correct placement and setup of your security system. Our team will guide you with the correct power supplies, cabling, recorders, video storage, and the security cameras you will need to get the job done.

2. Installation Services

We have a team of over 100+ security dealers that are registered to install our products. No matter what is your location, it is likely we have an installation team nearby that can get the job done right for you immediately. Upon your request, we will handle all your CCTV installation services as well. Meanwhile, we have the confidence of knowing that our team is here to support you when you need us.