CCTV in Chandigarh

How to Select the Right CCTV Camera for Home?

Choosing the right CCTV camera for home is a challenging decision that almost everyone faces. With the advancement of surveillance technology and software advancement, CCTV cameras provide extra-ordinary security benefits. As a result, making the right choice will offer more services than ever before.

There are number of things that you should keep in mind while selecting a CCTV camera for your home. It is vital to pay attention to lens size, wide-angle degree and storage memory.

It is advised to choose the Wi-Fi CCTV Camera in Chandigarh to get the best and effective services for your home security. Always try to buy the best-in-class camera according to your budget. It is a good decision to invest in an extra-ordinary good quality, entry-level, excellent quality, and a small system that helps you to add more cameras accordingly.

Why do I need a CCTV?

It would be best if you found out your needs before investing in a surveillance system. Ask yourself, why do I need a CCTV? Every CCTV has unique features — some might work best for your home while some might best fit business premises. What type of CCTV suits my home? Before choosing the best CCTV camera for your home, you need to consider the camera, its lens, zoom, resolution, and IR night vision.


Basically, there are three types of cameras that you can choose. Analogue cameras are inexpensive as compared to High Definition (HD) cameras or Internet protocol (IP) cameras. It is good to detect people and monitoring activities, even though the low image resolution. The HD and IP are highly popular in the market, as they offer high HD images. These cameras are perfect for recognizing numbers, characters, evidential recording for legal purposes. Business premises usually used for IP cameras or high-end Turbo cameras. You might also want to check if the camera can turn around, pan and tilt, 360-degree view, as well as having zoom capabilities.


A crisp high resolution ensures a highly enhanced image and footage. It defines how far a camera can capture and monitor. Moreover, it also allows the CCTV cameras to retain the high image quality even with highly zoomed-in. IP cameras have the highest resolution about 8MP; mid-range cameras have a resolution of 5MP to 8MP. Furthermore, lower range camera resolution is around 2MP.

In addition to it, the size of the area that you are examining will define the resolution according to your need. A larger area needs a high-resolution camera as it will avoid the image or footage from scattered or distorted. A static camera is good enough for a smaller area such as the living room as it does not need a higher resolution.


The capability of Zoom in and out is the component of a CCTV camera. There are mainly two types of zoom: 1. Optical Zoom 2. Digital Zoom, The type of zoom camera, depends upon the lens that your CCTV camera is outfitted with. Further, digital zoom can record footage and done on live. The camera’s resolution limits it. On the other hand, optimal zoom works as a binocular. It can see farther with clearer images as compared to the digital zoom as it uses a real zoom lens only.

Which location is the best- Indoor or outdoor?

You need to decide first where to place the CCTV. If you want to place, it at the outdoor, you need to install a CCTV that is weatherproof and durable. For instance, a CCTV that works in a tough environment has a built-in heater that enables it to operate even in bad weather conditions. Generally, a CCTV camera is installed near a doorway like a front door or gate. It can also be installed in the darkest areas of your home. If you’re covering a larger area, a pan-tilt camera allows the lens to follow a moving object when monitoring the site.

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