Hotel Projects

We have worked with various star rated Hotels to provide high quality Surveillance Solutions. We provide surveillance camera installation services and CCTV camera installation there for the advanced security solutions.

  • Caters and Restaurants needs special care when it comes to customer service employee theft and false claims such as slip and falls.
  • Employee theft can include stealing food, giving freebies to customers for larger tips, etc.

Having the ability to monitor your restaurant or catering hall at all times can help you determine how seriously your staff is about the service they provide.

With a quality security device such as you can keep an eye on your entire business from wherever you are.


Areas of Concern

  • Liquor at bars
  • Theft of food
  • Cash handling
  • Entrance and exit doors
  • Customer slip and falls
  • Coat checkroom
  • Parking Lot/Valet Parking