Residential Projects

CCTV is an excellent tool in protecting your property against crime. Our home security camera installation services are easy to use and offer real clarity of vision in HD even when viewing remotely with a mobile device. TouchTec supplies and installs home security cameras according to your requirements, including tailor-made security camera systems for large and small properties. We specify the latest up-to-date technically advanced equipment ensuring consistency and high-quality performance from HD analogue solutions to IP systems.

  • Our Security devices are capable of recording in High Definition, with smart-enabled remote viewing functionality, with a selection of cameras.
  • We will suggest various lenses and infrared solutions ensuring the scene, and the performance of the camera matches your goals and budget desired.
  • Monitor Entrance and exit doors carefully.
Residential Projects

Areas of Concern

  • Protection and safety of the family members
  • Child protect
  • Servant Theft
  • Monitoring at the Entrance